About us

ZedErp is an Integrated Enterprise Resources Planning software with powerful materials requirement planning. Finished good warehousing, human resource management and intuitive financials. This provide a baseline for a variety of businesses and industries to adapt this product.

CRM customers Relationship management
Market segmentation
Market data capturing attributes
Contact management
Sales leads
Product surveys
Zones/Areas/products Allocations
Daily Sales Report capturing
Performance indicators
Sales and Expense Capturing/analysis

Product Engineering

  • BOM-bill of materials(Components/ Assemblies)
  • Processes identification
  • Labor/ plant Allocation
  • Overheads
  • BOM revisions

Manufacturing recourses planning-MRP

  • Order capturing
  • Materials requirements planning
  • Production planning/master production schedule
  • Reserved materials
  • Procurements
  • Inventory management
  • Raw materials/ components/parts/assemblies
  • Capacity planning
  • Machine/man hours
  • Production activity control
  • Job order costing

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